Free energy

Published on: 08 February 2019
By matilda

The first electric driven car using energy from the space of free energy.

Tesla himself kept a low profile regarding this invention.

The story— seemingly impossible to document, generations later—is that when he was around sixty-five, Tesla or his helpers pulled the gasoline engine out of a new Pierce-Arrow and stuck in an 80 horsepower alternating current electric motor. But no batteries!

Instead, he bought a dozen vacuum tubes, wires and resistors.

Soon he had the parts arranged in a box which sat beside him in the front seat of the car. One account says the mysterious box was two feet long, a foot wide and six inches high, with two rods sticking out of it. From the driver’s side, Tesla reached over and pushed the rods in, and the car took off at up to 80 miles per hour. He is reported to have test-driven the loaned Pierce-Arrow for a week.

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•  Nikola Tesla was the greatest inventor in the history of mankind. However, only a few people know about what this man has accomplished. Forgotten as the inventor and discoverer of radio carrier waves, of the efficient poly-phase AC electric motor and still widely in use until this day, of the AC electricity grid and is at the root of the industrialized world, of a bladeless gas turbine that is more efficient than the turbines in modern electricity plants, of X-rays, of radar detection, or wireless remote control and the first practical use of binary code, of electrotherapeutic devices.


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Free energy is the ability to converts an at this stage unknown form of natural wireless energy into electricity. The established producers of electric energies did not like it and did suppress his invention.

Nikola Tesla was the first scientist who created the technical means that lead to his discovery of unlimited wireless energy, and how to convert it into electrical energy such that it could run all energy requiring technology. It is based on electrical equipment that induces high frequencies in very high electrical potentials, and that transmits or receives wireless longitudinal electric waves totally different from transversal electromagnetic waves or what we regard and use as electrical current right now. Our dependence on fossil energy sources makes very vulnerable

 for the monopolistic and totalitarian power play we witness today. It is of paramount importance that we study all alternatives for conventional energy resources that are limited in supply (coal, gas, oil, uranium). This technical solution would have unlocks an unlimited electric energy source, but it is unknown for several reasons. We are missing something very important, something that is not well understood also from a scientific point of view.

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