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Water and climate change

Water is the main climate control system on Earth and temperature distribution. It includes a capability to store a massive amount of heat or energy, more than anything else. Not properly accounted for in climate warming and a neglect we are going to pay for heavily. As there is not only more water than land covering the Earth’s surface but also very fluid like it has absorbed more than  90 %  of all of the trapped extra heat. Keeping our planet much cooler than it normally should have been since the 1950s. Mitigating the early impact but now the buffer is gone. which in turn has increasingly trapped more solar energy within the atmosphere. Most of the trapped heat got stored in the oceans, affecting water temperature and circulation. Europe with many relative shallow regions heating faster than other localities on earth. There is no such thing as a category 6 hurricane or tropical storm – yet. The highest level – the top of the scale for the most powerful, most devastating hurricane or tropical storm capable of destroying entire cities like New Orleans or New York – is a category 5 storm.

Our Meteorologists and scientists never imagined that there would be a need for a category 6 storm, with winds that exceed 200 miles per hour on a sustained basis, sweeping away everything in its path. Until now, such a storm wasn’t possible, so there was no need for a new category above category 5. Again there is anywhere from 5 to 8% more water vapour circulating throughout the atmosphere than there was a generation ago. This, combined with warmer temperatures that are driving water up from the deep ocean in places where hurricanes typically form, has created the potential for superstorms that we haven’t seen before – and are n’t prepared for. The heat and conditions needed are already there and still getting worse.  

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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 3, 2018, #169

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    November 3, 2018
    What is the state of affairs within the ranks of industrialized/militarized societies? It is a rapidly unfolding Orwellian nightmare come true. Up is down, the day is night, black is white, and the web of life is being looted, plundered, and pillaged into total collapse. The so-called “experts” have betrayed us all and, unfortunately, the majority of the population have been all too willing to go along. What is unfolding on the wider horizon? The latest instalment of Global Alert News is below.
    Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 3, 2018, #169 ( Dane Wigington )
    Have those in power now successfully broken down the will of the population to even face reality? Or will rapidly deteriorating conditions finally fortify a driving sense of purpose which will awaken the masses at this late hour? Dane Wigington



McKibben’s speech,

I wish that I could guarantee you that we’re all going to win in the end, the whole thing. And I can’t, because we don’t know. The physics of climate change is pretty daunting at this point. The momentum of it is pretty big. We’re not going to win everything. We’re not going to stop global climate change. It’s too late for that. Others; do you think this culture will undergo a voluntary transformation to a sane and sustainable way of life? No Or like Daniel Kahneman, the cognitive psychologist who won a Nobel prize for his studies of how irrationally humans respond to problems which require immediate personal sacrifices now to avoid uncertain collective losses. When asked to assess humanity’s chances for survival, Kahneman responded, This is not what you might want to hear. I am very sorry, but I am deeply pessimistic. I really see no path to success on climate change. Can you see everyone in a democracy volunteering to give up flying? Can you see the majority of the population becoming vegan? Can you see the majority agreeing to restrict the size of their families? An EPA scientist: The last time there was this much CO2 in the air, the oceans were 80 feet higher than they are now. Two things you should know: Half the world’s population lives within 120 miles of an ocean. A person has already been born who will die due to catastrophic failure of the planet, period. So what can we do to reverse this? EPA: Well there’s a lot we could do, 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago. But now, no. Resulting in mass migrations, food, and water shortages, the spread of deadly disease, endless wildfires. Way too many to keep under control. Storms that have the power to level cities, blacken out the sky.

To others, the climate debate only distracts from the real causes.

At the basis is our collective blindness and our locust attitude towards our very fragile planetary habitat on the surface and it is totally insane the way we treat it. Not the earth itself is in is in any real danger, but we and our habitat. That there is an elite’s agenda behind it and from which they derive power and stimulate mass consumerism, the profits made used to finance their lust for global dominance and cement economic control under the official name being capitalism. In this respect, you have to realize it is not the elite who have the real power but behind them secrete powers. They are more or less the slave drivers of us. Made to think and believe that we can make the real decisions here on earth. As long as the elite thinks that they can keeps playing the environmental card without addressing the obvious cause, prove that they do not care about you and me, nor about and about our health, our habitat or the health of our planet and go. It is simply staggering how much toxic waste is produced and released into our water, streams, lakes sea and ocean and Air. Also Surprising how little Environmental destruction and pollution incite great worry and fear in anybody’s heart and mind and the real information and danger suppressed. To expect a happy ending not realistic. Climate change is real and the denial of humans influence on it beyond comprehension. We should stop the elite in there move toward a global government, which is part of the agenda of the ultra-rich and secret forces behind them or their masters, who now do want to control the populations on earth even more and able to by technological advances in communication and increasingly Tyranic. The “Globalist” and behind them their masters want the current groups, states, and races to be replaced by a multicultural and as such much easier to dominate and control society worldwide. The Climate Debate denial: climate change is still today aswirl with linguistic corruption and a war of words, nevertheless, I am happy to wear the term Climate Change Denier proudly. The Planet, Earth, Terra, etc., is not in danger and the panic is contrived.  

Climate change: the world is changing not by accident but on purpose.

First: Theoretical Overview

Nothing, empty or vacuum, on the cosmological scale, is virtually everything. It is the home of all the invisible fields, rippling with the activity and real forces. Every kind of matter produces a field, the field all mesh in complex ways, often causing interference with other fields. Fields are the “stuff” of the virtual vacuum. A light particle is nothing more than a large interference in the electromagnetic field. Apart from interaction with matter and other fields, a field will not be changed in the vacuum. It will not go away; it simply cannot. Fields are a fundamental part of the vacuum structure itself. Fields in their most quiescent state form the virtual vacuum itself. We now know that even when scientist remove everything that can be removed from a vacuum what is called the Higgs field remains, the entire universe permeated with a constant magnetic field”. No need not imagine, for it is true. It became clear from experimentation because certain results appear that are not explainable without the presence of a field. We now assume that The field consists of an infinite number of one-dimensional North and South poles in an incoherent state- incoherent due to the presence of a multitude of other interfering fields formed by other North and South poles, or particles or quanta. So what we once were told to call nothing or empty or vacuum is far from empty, far from nothing, it is rather seething with potential energy as the primordial powerhouse of everything in the universe. With everything being energy and we living in a universe full of it you can ask yourselves why we do need to burn Fossil fuel? No, we do not but forced to do so.

From aeons back, see the 6000 years old plate symbolizing free energy. The rising temperature as a result of burning most of the fossil fuels resulting in climate change. That is what the secret government wants. We might be already be joined the point of no return and large amounts of methane gas being released out of storage in permafrost. Why this complex and stealth approach to be able to blame humanity as a whole. A kind of sin like flood and a large number of calamities resulting in decimating the current population. The world with its resources up for grab. A hidden agenda of small parts of the current population and aliens who would then like to transfer 1 billion of there people to earth.

The persons/groups and institutions involved do know what is going to happen and have been preparing it for a long time. If we are not able to stop these changes we should prepare humanity for it. Save as many as we can and not only the top brass. I myself have a house at the waterfront ( Atlantic Ocean) and as such always watching the sea. Did watch for over 50 years a rock out there with around shape at the top. For almost 40 years nothing did really change in water levels. That all has changed now and the rise is substantial and much more than the forecast by experts. There are several ways in which we can produce free energy but Nikola Tesla being the best known. Did Copy part of his patent application from 1901 and show it here as an illustration
  UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. NIKOLA TESLA, OF NEW YORK, N. Y. TESLA PATENT 685,958 METHOD OF UTILIZING RADIANT ENERGY. SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 685,958 dated November 5, 1901. Application filed March 21, 1901. Serial No. 52,154. (No model.) To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, NIKOLA TESLA, a citizen of the United States, residing at the borough of Manhattan, in the city, county, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Methods of Utilizing Radiant Energy, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the drawings accompanying and forming a part of the same. It is well known that certain radiations—such as those of ultra-violet light, cathodic, Roentgen rays, or the like—possess the property of charging and discharging conductors of electricity, the discharge being particularly noticeable when the conductor upon which the rays impinge is negatively electrified. These radiations are generally considered to be ether vibrations of extremely small wavelengths, and an explanation of the phenomena noted it has been assumed by some authorities that they ionize or render conducting the atmosphere through which they are propagated. My own experiments and observations, however, lead me to conclusions more in accord with the theory heretofore advanced by me that sources of such radiant energy throw off with great velocity minute particles of matter which are strongly electrified, and therefore capable of charging an electrical conductor, or even if not so many at any rate discharge an electrified conductor either by carrying off bodily its charge or otherwise. My present application is based upon a discovery which I have made that when rays or radiations of the above kind are permitted to fall upon an insulated conducting body connected to one of the terminals of a condenser, while the other terminal of the same is made by independent means to receive or to carry away electricity, a current flows into the condenser so long as the insulated body is exposed to the rays, and under the conditions hereinafter specified an indefinite accumulation of electrical energy in the condenser takes place. This energy after a suitable time interval, during which the rays are allowed to act, may manifest itself in a powerful discharge, which may be utilized for the operation or control of mechanical or electrical devices or rendered useful in many other ways. In applying my discovery I provide a condenser, preferably of considerable electrostatic capacity, and connect one of its terminals to an insulated metal plate or other conducting body exposed to the rays or streams of radiant matter. It is very important, particularly in view of the fact that electrical energy is generally supplied at a very slow rate to the condenser, to construct the same with the greatest care. I use by preference the best quality of mica as a dielectric, taking every possible precaution in insulating the armatures so that the instrument may withstand great electrical pressures without leaking and may leave no perceptible electrification when discharging instantaneously. In practice, I have found that the best results are obtained with condensers treated in the manner described in a patent granted to me February 23, 1897, No. 577,671. Obviously, the above precautions should be the more rigorously observed the slower the rate of charging and the smaller the time interval during which the energy is allowed to accumulate in the condenser. The insulated plate or conducting body should present as large a surface as practicable to the rays or streams of matter, I have ascertained that the amount of energy conveyed to it per unit of time is under otherwise identical conditions proportionate to the area exposed, or nearly so. Furthermore, the surface should be clean and preferably highly polished or amalgamated. The second terminal or armature of the condenser may be connected to one of the poles of a battery or other source of electricity or to any conducting body or object whatever of such properties or so conditioned that by its means electricity of the required sign will be supplied to the terminal. A simple way of supplying positive or negative electricity to the terminal is to connect the same either to an insulated conductor, supported at some height in the atmosphere or to a grounded conductor, the former, as is well known, furnishing positive and the latter negative electricity. As the rays or supposed streams of matter generally convey a positive charge to the first condenser-terminal, which is connected to the plate or conductor above mentioned, I usually connect the second terminal of the condenser to the ground, this being the most convenient way of obtaining negative electricity, dispensing with the necessity of providing an artificial source. In order to utilize for any useful purpose the energy accumulated in the condenser, I furthermore connect to the terminals of the same a circuit including an instrument or apparatus which it is desired to operate and another instrument or device for alternately closing and opening the circuit. This latter may be any form of circuit-controller, with fixed or movable parts or electrodes, which may be actuated either by the stored energy or by independent means. The rays or radiations which are to be utilized for the operation of the apparatus above described in general terms may be derived from a natural source, like the sun, or may be artificially produced by such means, for example, as an arc-lamp, a Roentgen tube, and the like, and they may be employed for a great variety of useful purposes. My discovery will be more fully understood from the following detailed description and annexed drawings, to which reference is now made, and in which— Figure 1 is a diagram showing typical forms of the devices or elements as arranged and connected in applying the method for the operation of a mechanical contrivance or instrument solely by the energy stored; and Fig. 2 is a diagrammatical representation of a modified arrangement suitable for special purposes, with a circuit-controller actuated by independent means. Referring to Fig. 1, C is the condenser, P the insulated plate or conducting body, which is exposed to the rays, and P’ another plate or conductor, all being joined in series, as shown. The terminals T T’ of the condenser are also connected to a circuit including a receiver R, which is to be operated, and a circuit-controlling device d, which in this case is composed of two very thin conducting-plates t t’, placed in close proximity and very mobile, either by reason of extreme flexibility or owing to the character of their support. To improve their action, they should be enclosed in a receptacle from which the air may be exhausted. The receiver R is shown as consisting of an electromagnet M, a movable armature a, a retractile spring b, and a ratchet-wheel w, provided with a spring-pawl r, which is pivoted to armature a, as illustrated. The apparatus is arranged as shown, it will be found that when the radiations of the sun or of any other source capable of producing the effects before described fall upon the plate P an accumulation of electrical energy in the condenser C will result. This phenomenon, I believe, is best explained as follows: The sun, as well as other sources of radiant energy, throw off minute particles of matter positively electrified, which, impinging upon the plate P, communicate an electrical charge to the same. The opposite terminal of the condenser being connected to the ground, which may be considered as a vast reservoir of negative electricity, a feeble current flows continuously into the condenser, and inasmuch as these supposed particles are of an inconceivably small radius of curvature, and consequently charged to a relatively very high potential, this charging of the condenser may continue, as I have found in practice, almost indefinitely, even to the point of rupturing the dielectric. Obviously, whatever circuit-controller be employed it should operate to close the circuit in which it is included when the potential in the condenser has reached the desired magnitude. Thus in Fig. 2 when the electrical pressure at the terminals T T’ rises to a certain predetermined value the plates t t’, attracting each other, close the circuit connected to the terminals. This permits a flow of current which energizes the magnet M, causing it to draw down the armature a and impart a partial rotation to the ratchet-wheel w. As the current ceases the armature is retracted by the spring b without, however, moving the wheel w. With the stoppage of the current the plates t t’ cease to be attracted and separate, thus restoring the circuit to its original condition. Many useful applications of this method of utilizing the radiations emanating from the sun or other source and many ways of carrying out the same will at once suggest themselves from the above description. By way of illustration, a modified arrangement is shown in Fig. 2, in which the source S of radiant energy is a special form of Roentgen tube devised by me having but one terminal k, generally of aluminium, in the form of half a sphere with a plain polished surface on the front side, from which the streams are thrown off. It may be excited by attaching it to one of the terminals of any generator of sufficiently-high electromotive force; but whatever apparatus be used it is important that the tube is exhausted to a high degree, as otherwise, it might prove entirely ineffective. The working or discharge circuit connected to the terminals T T’ of the condenser includes in this case the primary p of a transformer and a circuit-controller comprising a fixed terminal or brush t and a movable terminal t’ in the shape of a wheel with conducting and insulating segments which may be rotated at an arbitrary speed by any suitable means. In inductive relation to the primary wire or coil p is a secondary s, usually of a much greater number of turns, to the ends of which is connected a receiver R. The terminals of the condenser being connected as indicated, one to an insulated plate P and the other to a grounded plate P’, when the tube S is excited rays or streams of matter are emitted from the same, which convey a positive charge to the plate P and condenser-terminal T, while terminal T’ is continuously receiving negative electricity from the plate P’. This, as before explained, results in an accumulation of electrical energy in the condenser, which goes on as long as the circuit including the primary p is interrupted. Whenever the circuit is closed, owing to the rotation of the terminal t’, the stored energy is discharged through the primary p, thus giving rise in the secondary s to induced currents which operate the receiver R. It is clear from what has been stated above that if the terminal T’ is connected to a plate supplying positive instead of negative electricity the rays should convey negative electricity to plate P. The source S may be any form of Roentgen or Lenard tube; but it is obvious from the theory of action that in order to be very effective the electrical impulses exciting it should be wholly or at least preponderatingly of one sign. If ordinary symmetrical alternating currents are employed, provision should be made for allowing the rays to fall upon the plate P only during those periods when they are productive of the desired result. Evidently, if the radiations of the source are stopped or intercepted or their intensity varied in any manner, as by periodically interrupting or rhythmically varying the current exciting the source, there will be corresponding changes in the action upon the receiver R, and thus signals may be transmitted and many other useful effects produced. Furthermore, it will be understood that any form of circuit-closer which will respond to or be set in operation when a predetermined amount of energy is stored in the condenser may be used in lieu of the device specifically described with reference to Fig. 1, and also that the special details of construction and arrangement of the several parts of the apparatus may be very greatly varied without departure from the invention. Having described my invention, what I claim is— 1. The method of utilizing radiant energy, which consists in charging one of the armatures of a condenser by rays or radiations, and the other armature by independent means, and discharging the condenser through a suitable receiver, as set forth. 2. The method of utilizing radiant energy, which consists in simultaneously charging a condenser by means of rays or radiations and an independent source of electrical energy, and discharging the condenser through a suitable receiver, as set forth. 3. The method of utilizing radiant energy, which consists in charging one of the armatures of a condenser by rays or radiations, and the other by independent means, controlling the action or effect of said rays or radiations and discharging the condenser through a suitable receiver, as set forth. 4. The method of utilizing radiant energy, which consists in charging one of the armatures of a condenser by rays or radiations and the other by independent means, varying the intensity of the said rays or radiations and periodically discharging the condenser through a suitable receiver, as set forth. 5. The method of utilizing radiant energy, which consists in directing upon an elevated conductor, connected to one of the armatures of a condenser, rays or radiations capable of positively electrifying the same, carrying off electricity from the other armature by connecting the same with the ground, and discharging the accumulated energy through a suitable receiver, as set forth. 6. The method of utilizing radiant energy, which consists in charging one of the armatures of a condenser by rays or radiations, and the other by independent means, and effecting by the automatic discharge of the accumulated energy the operation or control of a suitable receiver, as set forth. NIKOLA TESLA. Witnesses: M. LAWSON DYER,

We are talking here about 116 years ago.

Tesla was unceremoniously thrown out of the best technical school in Yugoslavia for believing that he could build a generator that would extract electrical power from a running stream of water. His professor called it: “Perpetual Motion!” This is not so unfamiliar. We have heard other such convenient explanations, such as: “Heavier than air machines will never fly” (Lord Kelvin, 1890’s); “We threw out all of the textbooks, and then we built the aeroplane” (the Wright Brothers); “The human body will not survive speeds of over 40 miles per hour” (the early 1900’s); and “Airplanes can not go faster than the speed of sound” (1940’s). By making sure we do not have access to these operational free energy devices/resources. That most of these suppressed, neglected and misunderstood FREE energy principles have all been cleaner, cheaper and most importantly, in most cases have had the capacity to decentralize the energy grid and produce a self-contained home power system. Because science is knowledge, and knowledge is power, those who desire power tend to have research divisions heavily censored, work in secrecy, involve in secret science – the more they know, the farther up the causality chain they can act, and thus the more effects they can control. Unfortunately, the majority of those who attempt to bring liberating technology into mainstream use and thus could upset the power monopoly is killed. In addition, we would have learned about the real foundations and current technical knowledge in the Zero-Point and free-energy fields and it would have opened many windows or to open a very large Pandora’s Box. I to do not believe that They the people involved/corporate America did not understand or realize that we live in a world full of energy, everything is energy and an open system. There is more too it. Now 116 years later and what did happen! Naturally, you will find non-believers, strong supporters, dissenters, and active hard-nosed suppressors. Despite that, he is the one individual responsible for creating the entire alternating current network that powers the world today. He defied the science of his day and designed and built the AC generator that transforms “potential” energy into “electrical” energy. Yet, he is not in many school texts, and his basic theories and ideas for larger projects and applications were nearly lost to the world. Why was he not supported? Why is Thomas Edison such a well-known name and Nikolai Tesla is not? Why was his research not actively continued? Why does the academic community, within the U.S, not only continually ignore the possible applications of his theories but ridicule them? I do not believe that it was only the Fear of change it certainly is not an adequate excuse for not actively pursuing the development of our full capabilities as human beings, as individuals or as groups. Nikolai Tesla had perhaps thousands of other ideas and inventions that remain unreleased. A look at his hundreds of patents shows a glimpse of the scope he intended to offer. If you feel that the additional technical and scientific research of Nikolai Tesla should be revealed for public scrutiny and discussion, instead of suppressed by big industry please act. It is important to Join the world’s call to tell power brokers everywhere that we are now ready to Occupy Energy and learn about what our universe really has to offer and will do so without them. The release of Nikolai Tesla’s technical and scientific research — specifically his research into harnessing electricity from the ionosphere at a facility called Wardenclyffe — is a necessary step toward true freedom of information. Please add your voice by sharing this information with as many people as possible.

The earth as civilization shredder.

Basically; The continental landmasses of Earth are floating on a sea of molten lava beneath the surface, which causes the landmasses to crack, crumble and drift continually. Our planet is largely volcanic and subject to earthquakes and volcanic explosions. On top or at the surface a large amount of a volatile substance being water causing abrupt and strong movements/changes. The magnetic poles of the planet shift radically about once every 20,000 years. The last about 115000 BC in which the Polar Axis of Earth shifted to a sea area. As a result, the last Ice Age came to an end abruptly as the polar ice caps melted and the level of the ocean rose to submerge large sections of the land masses of Earth. The last remaining vestiges of Atlantis and Lemuria were covered by water. Massive extinctions of animals occurred in the Americas, Australia, and the Arctic Regions due to the shift of the poles. In addition, when our sun and with it our plants and earth move through the milky way there are different energy zones or field affecting our passing solar system. However, it does affect the activities of our sun. That is how the Maya were able to predict there own downfall because of their sun activity calendar. There are many artefacts left behind on earth about other highly developed society and left behind and ignored. The main aim scientist should be followed and track earth behaviour long term/short term, do research and try to predict.  


Humanity and Earth.

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