Food for our Gods!



Loosh, food of our gods


Loosh is defined by the urban dictionary as “an energy generated by all organic life in varying degrees of purity, the clearest and most potent coming from humans – engendered by human activity”.

What it does tell us is really shocking. Humans are not at the top of the food chain but part of it, nor the only ones but the favored ones.
When you look back and read the scriptures nor new either, the idea that man must sacrifice (must kill something or be killed in order to appease the gods) is apparently intrinsic to all the world’s root religions. We find blood ritual, including human sacrifice, in the Druid tradition, Tibetan Buddhism, among the Indians of the Americas, in Greece and Rome, Africa, China, Arabia, Germany, Phoenicia, and Egypt. Even the Old Testament (Judges 11:31-40) has a little-advertised story of human sacrifice, with the Israelite judge Jephthah ritually slaughtering his own daughter to fulfill a vow he made to Jehovah. Most of us like me do not realize it because it is kept out of sight.


“(Death as the Creator) resolved to devour all that he had created; for he eats all. . . He is the eater of the whole universe; this whole universe is his food.” (Mahabharata)  In other of some of the world’s oldest scriptures, the Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas of India, you can read that “the universe is upheld by sacrifice” (Atharva Veda) and that “all who are living (in this world) are the sacrifices. There is none living who does not perform yagya (sacrifice). This body is (created) for sacrifice, and arises out of sacrifice and changes according to sacrifice.” (Garbha Upanishad)
We find another story of the Divine devouring humans, in this case, human consciousness as was the case with the god of the light, rulers of the earth before the Annunaki associates came here and killed them, at least forced them underground. Carlos Castaneda, who wrote chronicles the life and teachings of a Yaquii sorcerer called Don Juan,

“The Eagle is devouring the awareness of all the creatures that, alive on earth a moment before and now dead, have floated to the Eagle’s beak, like a ceaseless swarm of fireflies, to meet their owner, their reason for having had a life. The Eagle disentangles these tiny flames, lays them flat, as a tanner stretches out a hide, and then consumes them; for awareness is the Eagle’s food. The Eagle, that power that governs the destinies of all living things, reflects equally and at once all those living things.” (“The Eagle’s Gift,” by Carlos Castaneda)
Looking for more and other sources of info found a reference in the interview which Matilda MacElroy had with the Alien rescued from the crashed saucer in Roswell, a very valuable addition and let start there.

he or she told Matilda about the introduction of the food cycle in combination with re-production. I will try to condense it as much as possible. Matilda believes that Airl was a she!

Food chain and reproduction:

The idea of the food chain/cycle was contrived trillions of years ago as a result of a conference held to resolve arguments between the disputing vested interests within the biotechnology industry. The infamous “Council of Yuhmi-Krum” was responsible for coordinating creature production. Resulting in upheaval and change from caring and loving into predatory.On the basis, the need for a life form to consume the body of another life form as an energy source was offered as a solution to replace lost life forms.Some of the producers of these life forms in laboratories trying/wanting to expand their business and had hired a big public relations firm and a powerful group of political lobbyists to glorify the idea that life forms should feed on other life forms. The theory was that all creatures needed to have “food” as a source of energy. Before that, none of the life forms being manufactured required any external energy supply.

Original: Animals did not eat other animals for food but consumed sunlight, minerals or vegetable matter only.

The introduction of  ‘sexual reproduction’ to make-up for beings now being eaten as food became necessary. Forcing now other companies to start using ‘sexual reproduction’ as the basis for replenishing life-forms.As expected, the patent licenses for the biological engineer process required to implant stimulus-response mating, cellular division, and preprogrammed growth patterns for self-regenerating animals were naturally owned by “these businesses” too.
Through the next few million years, laws were passed that required that these programs be purchased by all the other biological technology companies and had to be imprinted into the cellular design of all existing life-forms. ( DNA) A very expensive undertaking for other biotechnology and resulting difficulties to make such an awkward, and impractical idea work.In the end, it led to the corruption and downfall of the entire industry. Ultimately, the ‘food and sex’ idea completely ruined the complete biotechnology industry, including the originators of the concept.The result, the entire industry disappeared and the market for manufactured life forms too. Consequently, when a species becomes extinct now, there is no way to replace them because the technology of creating new life forms has been lost. None of this technology was ever known on Earth, and probably never will be. There are still computer files on some planets far from here which record the procedures for biological engineering. Possibly the laboratories and computers still exist somewhere. However, there is no one around doing anything with them. Therefore, you can understand why it is so important for The Domain to protect the dwindling number of creatures left on Earth.
Reproduction: The core concept behind ‘sexual reproduction’ technology was the invention of a chemical/electronic interaction called “cyclical stimulus-response generators”.This is a programmed genetic mechanism which causes a seemingly spontaneous, recurring impulse to reproduce. The same technique was later adapted and applied to biological flesh bodies, including Homo Sapiens.

Another important mechanism used in the reproductive process, especially with Homo Sapiens type bodies, is the implantation of a “chemical-electrical trigger” mechanism in the body. The “trigger” which attracts the life-force to inhabit a human body, or any kind of “flesh body”, is the use of an artificially imprinted electronic wave which uses “aesthetic pain” to attract the spirit.

Every trap in the universe, including those used to capture free spirits, is “baited” with an aesthetic electronic wave. The sensations caused by these aesthetic wavelengths are more attractive than any other sensation. When the electronic waves of pain and beauty are combined together, this causes the life force or spirit get “stuck” in the flesh body.

The “reproductive trigger” used for lesser life forms, such as cattle and other mammals, is triggered by chemicals emitted from the scent glands, combined with reproductive chemical-electrical impulses stimulated by testosterone, or estrogen.
These are also interactive with nutrition levels which cause the life form to reproduce more when deprived of food sources. Starvation promoted reproductive activity as a means of perpetuating survival through future regeneration when the current organism fails to survive. These fundamental principles have been applied throughout all species of life.
The resulting debilitating impact and addiction to the “sexual aesthetic-pain” electronic wave is the main reason that the ruling class of The Domain does not inhabit flesh bodies. Airl himself use an artificial build/created body called doll. Being a pilot the flesh body has no use because of vulnerabilities during flight and him spending most of his time in deep space.



However, the civilizations of The Domain and the “Old Empire” both depend on this device to “recruit” and maintain a workforce of spiritual inhabited flesh bodies on planets and installations. They are the “working class” beings who do all of the slavish, manual, undesirable work on planets.

For your understanding; The life force or spirit is not a physical universe entity it has no location in space or time. Exist in an everlasting Now. They are a source of energy and illusion, and are not located in space or time, but can create space, place particles in space, create energy, and shape particles into various forms, cause the motion of forms, and animate forms. Any form that is animated by a spirit is called life. Essential here is the presence of an internal source of energy and as long as it is used the universe will keep expanding. However, many of the spirits or part of the life force which are referred to by Airls as IS-BE did decide at one stage to enter the created physical world, involve and become part. Now we have a problem because in the physical universe there exist time. There is no energy neutrality and use of to the food chain ( life/death). What most of us do not realize that it applies to all life forms including spirits present within and involved in this universe, now had to feed off others, us humans some animals. They can use animals but the preferred choice is more advanced creatures in flesh based bodies.
So the energy needed in your physical universe has to come from the outside. Resulting in a predatory universe and you have to go after other life form based identities to feed and survive.
In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna warns: “He who does not follow the wheel thus set revolving lives in vain.” The wheel is the cycle of birth and death, karma and retribution, human sacrifice and divine blessing. To rebel against this system is to fail in our life purpose as defined by those who say they are our creators and gods? That is why we are allowed to live and exist at all.
Loosh production is associated with emotions, and how stronger the emotions the more loosh is produced. Spirits prefer/need a type of loosh in accordance with the there resonating based structure and do differ in these respects. Our current rulers’ secret rulers need loosh produced in by the lower frequencies within the emotions spectrum which will be generated under stress, anxiety, during combat and is therefore called negative identities.

Before the Annunaki came to earth 500,000 years ago there was another highly developed civilization who did depend on one loosh produced in the higher frequencies of our emotional scale being consciousness, love, awareness but lost the war on earth and their survivors forced underground. For the story and presence of the current race please read the Ilat tablets as found in Antarctica and might be authentic. The human history as recorded and we had to learn little of value if any? it is crap. That race lost the space war with the domain forces and forced underground themselves too, but managed to control the world population on earth despite that.



The production of the quality type loosh is optimal within a predator-prey type struggle, for example, exceptional energy is produced in combatants. The spilling of blood in a fight-to-the-death conflict releases this intense energy, in larger amounts.” The combination of spirit and flesh body produces an amount of loosh being 1000 more than a spirit on his own. The flesh body works as an amplifier and mitochondria contains a fuel cell. Here hydrogen and oxygen are allowed to react at low temperature because otherwise, you get lots of heat or an explosion but no current. This current is needed to let the body produce loosh.Worse to come; according to Monroe’s story, animals are intentionally positioned on this planet to feed on plants and on each other, thereby releasing the life force of their victims so it can be harvested. In a predator-prey struggle, exceptional energy is produced in the combatants. The spilling of blood in a fight-to-the-death conflict releases this intense energy, which the light beings call “loosh.” Loosh is also harvested from the loneliness of animals and humans, as well as from the emotions engendered when a parent is forced to defend the life of its young. Another source of loosh is humans’ worship for example.

So loosh is a part of the vibration emission of humans which can be led to vibrate, at certain electromagnetic frequencies. To modulation, these vibrations are needed to create the perfect food source and then be prepared and ingested in a variety of ways.
For many, the question why a loving God would create a world where the only way to survive is by taking a life? For how long can stay alive without food? You may love animals and grow plants inside your home and the flowers in your garden, but every time you eat, you destroy some life. A something with a consciousness, that feels and desires or want to live. The original universe was better organized.There is nothing new here really but many prefer not to talk about it other do not care!
Still, it Is as such mentioned in almost all major religion we do have.  It is important because they check every day with the hospitals and get information about like passing’s which will then be approached and not without a reason! The heaven mirrors earth in many ways from the point of realms. After passing the soul looks for others who match in his or her believes, where he can feel at home, secured, understood. If he is religious he prefers with other which have been similar in the past too.

When I walk over the old Celtic graveyard where the body of my wife Ria rest and look around and see all the stones with R.I.P or rest in peace. Done so despite the clarity in religion based scripture, why? There is no peace in heaven? Our heaven mirrors in many ways our lives on earth. It makes me very sad, what I do consider to be a lie, one of many, here written in stone.
While we may not think of Judaism as typically promoting human sacrifice, it more than promoted it if we count the genocide Jehovah demanded of the Hebrews. In one day alone, they murdered 12,000 Canaanites “and utterly destroyed everything in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox and sheep and donkey with the edge of the sword.”(Joshua: 6:21)
In Islam, the situation is similar. Allah, while paying lip service to the immorality of human sacrifice, orders his servants in the Koran to practice jihad against all unbelievers. “When the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war.” (Koran: 9:5)Peace-loving Moslems interpret such passages as “symbolic” in their desire to justify their faith, much as Christians try to justify Jehovah’s sociopathic behavior with excuses.
In many ways, the god of Islam reasons and rants like the god of the Israelites. Could it be the same entity? It isn’t contradictory that he would support two separate peoples, then lead them to fight each other. Not if his agenda is and was to stimulate and harvest plenty of loosh.
Robert Morning Sky, a truth seeker of the Hopi and Apache traditions, tells a story he learned from his people about a race of beings who knew no limitations, who existed far outside this physical universe. One day one of them declared his intention to visit Earth and take on a body just for the adventure of it, for the experience. His friends cautioned him because this universe had a reputation as amnesia-producing, a place of no return. But the entity laughed that off and promised to come back after one lifetime.Centuries passed, and the entity never came home. One of his comrades decided to enter the physical world to go look for his friend. He promised not to get lost in the matter and to return with the other individual. More centuries passed, and neither being returned. So another immortal entered physical mass, and he also never came back. In time many members of these unlimited beings incarnated in human form, and the story goes, none of them yet has gone home.

I think mankind is becoming ripe for realizing the truth. He who created us, in turn, was created.In my mind, a real God is a perfect being and needs nothing, it is a complete being. Does not need to be worshipped, does not need to be wanted, does not need anything from anyone.Following this line of thinking, we can deduce that some of these protagonists are imperfect.

More so when they need to inflict pain and suffering on others so they can collect their loosh.
Furthermore, the situation reveals that “As above, so below”. Meaning that the politics “Up there” is as screwed up as down here. Very sad! Not encouraging.
It was Airl again who told Matilda there are no Saints in the physical universe!
I have no problem with a willing gift of energy from someone who wants to bless us with it, as the love/energy a mother gives a child (she WANTS to nurture it), or the donation a person gives a charity they believe in (they WANT to support it). Sharing energy and moving it around into various combinations and shapes in the world can be fun, so long as no one is depleted from it (generally, if we give willingly and with joy, it’s because the energy we’re giving comes from a feeling of energetic abundance, and we therefore not depleted by the gift. There is need of energy for others as well our past ones.
Energy transfer in itself takes place in the three-dimensional world between humans every day as well. You meet people and some will be able to recharge you and have an energy abundance with them, other depress you and drain you of your energy. Healers in many cases have energy abundance.
These transfer are resonance based and depend on the distance between the bodies. The closer the better, touching or kissing will help, eye contact, Vibrating voice.From resonance aspect energy transfer between a living person and a past one possible because they share often several resonance points. When a larger crowd is present helps as well because the vibrations can be added up and become stronger.Places of gathering being churches, big sports advents like socked, music festivals, hospitals, cities just name it.You have to realize that the spirits of the past ones are still on earth during the first few years before moving more outward. Most of us do not have any problem with assisting a loved one or passed relative to help to survive but could object to others like our gods.

The problem starts with the loosh harvesters.

Original the god of the light ones understood how to create life, and they wanted this territory for their own reasons. Territories are created and held by certain energies for many reasons, one of which is that there is consciousness within all things.Consciousness communicates continuously. Consciousness vibrates or can be led to vibrate, at certain electromagnetic frequencies.
Electromagnetic energies of consciousness can be influenced to vibrate in a certain way to create a perfect source of food. Consciousness can be prepared and ingested in a variety of ways. Some entities, in the process of their own evolution, began to discover that as they created life and put consciousness into things through modulating the frequencies of forms of consciousness, they could feed themselves; they could keep themselves in charge.

Our captors? The so-called “masters” don’t talk about loosh because they’re part of the system. The job of gurus is to recruit disciples to give their power away to the gods and the other masters — in other words, their job is to procure “dinner.” The abject surrender disciples give their spiritual lords must be the most total loosh transfer in the universe.The New World Order? The reptilians? The Annunaki?  Are they all the same or at least very closely related? Why is there so much suppression of knowledge, the spread of misinformation, and outright ignorance?


Then everything changed overnight, the Annunaki became the new owners, according to the Ilat papers 500,000 years ago, they are the magnificent beings spoken of in your Bible, in the Babylonian and Sumerian tablets, and in texts all over the world. They came to Earth and rearranged the native human species.They rearranged our DNA in order to have us broadcast within a certain limited frequency band, the frequencies they could feed on and keep them in power.



Anything [of DNA] that was unnecessary for survival and that could keep you informed was unplugged, leaving us with only a double helix and lock us into controllable, operable frequencies.A frequency fence, something like an electrical fence, was put around the planet to control what could enter, the frequencies emitted by humans could be modulated and changed.



How ironic. For most people, the motto probably seems harmless enough, or maybe even benevolent, showing a kindhearted corporation caring about its employees and the world, or recognizing the importance of the people running its operations.Yet if you understand the occult foundation of corporate logos, you’ll know that Chevron’s logo is really a pyramid (2 levels of the corner edges). The pyramid is the favorite image of the New World Order as well, because it represents a tiny hierarchy at the top being held up by a large majority at the bottom, and symbolizes the compartmentalization of knowledge the further you go up. Just like its logo, Chevron’s motto has nothing at all to do with caring for people, and everything to do with controlling people and harvesting energy from the human farm, looking at people as nothing more than batteries that create energy (ever wonder why corporations call it “human resources”?).Corporations (like Chevron, a spin-off from Rockefeller-owned Standard Oil) have cut a deal with the real devil or harvester. Corporate heads are middle managers in the equation. They are conduits to set up human farms and funnel human energy upwards.
The name Federal Reserve Bank was designed to deceive, and it still does. It is not federal, nor is it owned by the government. It is privately owned. The known owners and as such listed in the beginning being the Morgans(chase) Rockefeller and the Rothschilds.It pays its own postage like any other corporation. Its employees are not in civil service. Its physical property is held under private deeds and is subject to local taxation. Government property, as you know, is not.Proven to be an engine that has created private wealth that is unimaginable, even to the most financially sophisticated.Created an imperial elite that manipulates the economy for its own agenda and enlisted the US government as its enforcer. It controls the times, dictates business, affects our homes and practically everything important and affecting humans.It takes a powerful force to build and maintain an empire, and this one is no different. The concerns of the leadership of the Federal Reserve and its secretive international benefactors goes well beyond currency and interest rates.Rumors have it that it included the assassination of US presidents and not just JFK.There is also strong evidence involving Lyndon B. Johnson (The next USA President after JFK) in the assassination conspiracy.


Afterward, Lincoln warned the American people:

“The money power preys upon the nation in time of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of our country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the republic is destroyed.”


Lincoln continued to fight against the central bank, and some now believe that it was his anticipated success in influencing Congress to limit the life of the Bank of the United States to justify the war years that was the motivating factor behind his assassination.
JFK did something similar, on June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Rothschild Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. He was shortly afterward assassinated.
They are linked or the missing link behind the new world order, a tyrannical institution and the condition for the public involvement of the Annunaki in world affairs. Paying for the removal of earth resources which are sold through this part of the universe for hard galactic credits paying her on earth with worthless Fed printed dollars who will not last over time.Behind the extensive control worldwide used to influence public opinion, opportunities for associated business, ventures, and takeovers. Have been wondering who is the prison guard on earth, the go-between and it most likely is the international organized Jews, next and possible alternative leaders of the Islamist’s religions.
Trying to create a world united government, would have been and proven to the most tyrannical organization ever created on earth. Everybody chip, controlled and checked. ( The mark of the Beast)
The early version Exposed by Snowden and also the reason why worldwide, Snowden did not get praised for exposing but had to run and found some protection in Russia.Makes you wonder why the international bankers that own the money printing press and can literally print what they want, never will have enough time to spend it are in there. For them it is not about money; it’s about power and it’s about human energy. The food of the gods. You could read Stefan Molyneux’s great eBook The Handbook of Human Ownership for the precise history and more insight. Will leave it here because of space.


The pyramids are a story by themselves. They do not have functionality. No human in his right mind would build one. Not enough space inside waste of time and resources and even more so why so many. Even in Antarctica. There is no real proven culture associated with it, no development pattern or growth, they are fake. Who designed and placed them there not humans, they could not have and why should they.Exceed any symbol function. We know that under need the Giza pyramid is a tunnel leading to the inner world, but the main function is probably to channel loosh.
Loosh is an important commodity in higher realms because it is the very fuel of dimensional navigation and conquest. Not only does loosh fuel the expansion and crossing of realm boundaries but it allows negative entities to more strongly manifest in the realms of their targets.
Energy harvested from one region can be re-routed to another. For example, a natural disaster in one part of the world may provide negative entities with sufficient energy to penetrate the realms of targets elsewhere. Other sources of energy include occult and religious rituals. Sunday worship provides “mass” amounts of energy and affords negative forces easier attack opportunities on Sunday than other days of the week.

The moon plays an important part in energy harvesting by depressing global frequencies twice a month and initiating a veritable feeding frenzy for negative entities; this is what Gurdjieff meant by mankind being food for the moon.
Humans have access to the third-dimensional world but also part of fourth or  4d (d=density) world. Classification according to density. The interchange between 3 and 4d is relatively easy to accomplish. Not between 2 and 3d, or 4 and 5d.  In three the is the connection with the flesh body being mass and the fourth most of it left behind but still some left.
When you look at the Annunaki, for example, they can manifest in the third, the fourth and the fifth density. The three dimensional Annunaki and others came to earth for her resources which are badly needed by technological highly advanced civilizations elsewhere. They are currently stripping the earth of these valuable resources and selling them in the galaxy for credits. At the same time pay for it on earth with worthless federal reserve printed dollars which will disappear soon. The fourth and fifth density Annunaki are here and participating in the loosh harvest. They are a negative force and therefore handicapped because they are not in full resonance (sync.) with their targets and without the extra energy able to overwhelm them.For two realms to exchange energy they must share some degree of resonance. The weaker the resonance, the more energy is needed for entities of one realm to directly affect those of another. Because negative entities are usually not in full resonance with other targets and are therefore limited in what they can do, however with an additional energy they can compensate for weak resonance and impact realms otherwise beyond their influence.
What are money and resources are in the three-dimensional world is loosh in the 4d density part of the universe.
The more loosh they can harvest the stronger they get and use it for realm breach going after others. Trying to produce more loosh by letting the humans living in a reign of violence, terror, war, sickness by influencing the structure present and placed there, poisoning of land, water, and air.

Loosh is taken by them as valuable or equivalent to resources as taken by the three-dimensional family members in control on earth but other density. Loosh can be used for good but also bad.This whole world and part of the universe is fundamentally flawed and earth has become also a factory for extracting energy by fourth and fifth density beings?
Obviously, there is a mix of both good and bad in this world but it is certainly not the kind of Paradise that I can conjure up in my mind.
Again: The new owners of this planet had a different appetite and different preferences than the former owners. They nourished themselves with chaos and fear. These things fed them, stimulated them, and kept them in power.We can love our fellow beings and at the same time acknowledge that the world has been hijacked by predatory entities. I have a hard time believing the world was created by these entities, though!These creator/harvesters messed with our D.N.A. (Eden) to devolve us into flesh devours for the express purpose to be able to harvest more negative energies?

Last anecdote story about Addiction + Amnesia.

In the book, the naïve energy form called “BB” goes through a similar scenario. So Impressed by the energy and radiation of a “graduate” of this system, the life form wanted nothing but to gain this “graduate” status. After the beings first incarnation and death, Robert and this entity’s friend try to “snap him out of it”. The being does not remember who it was before it came to earth and believes itself to be a male human warrior who had just died in battle (not aware that he had died already). The strongest desire for this human was to get back into the battle and kill more Romans, or something like that. But of course when “he” tried to pick up the sword that lay on the ground, “his” hand passed right through it in bewilderment.

The clarity in respect of the need and production of Loosh energy on earth is useful as it shows that our universe is a predatory one and we have been taken, hostage.
Eating is a requirement for all biological life currently as we know it. It holds together our material existence. Rebelling is punishable by death.
The question, however; What kind of God or gods would create a world predicated on killing? But every time a loved one dies, a bird cough by an idle cat, read about animal cruelty or another molested child you ask yourselves who would build a world like that.Airl the alien was very clearly not a God, but the result of an intergalactic agreement, result of greed and power by business in the biotechnology. The then existing world was changed to accommodate vested interests and a resulting power play, the initial creation was tampered with by these vested interest, ruthless, merciless not interested in what we call the original divine vision. Now, as a result, the biological universe is controlled by the law that says, to live we must take life or die. That is sinister/evil. Something there is that makes us have to eat, that makes usage and disintegrate. In the old scriptures, there are warnings and the advice accept. Yet awakening to the truth of our predicament it should be the first step toward radical change. Only radical change can possibly right the fundamental flaw is woven into physical creation by others.
It also shows that there is not much really in wisdom out there. Technically far advanced and able to manipulate effectively, technical are we in no position to stop them with anything in an organized fashion, but when we split up in smaller groups and working in a different setting we cannot be effectively controlled on earth. The secret and shadow government in the US knows that by now. That was the main reason for trying to uniting and creating a united world government, marked, chipped 24-hour control. Again it would have been proven to be the most tyrannical state ever created on earth, after that, the alien part still in hiding on earth would have shown themselves and the plundering of earth resources increased and we the human part on the surface of the earth crippled. In addition, there is an overpopulation with respect to flesh based bodies on Aldebaran too, due to a sun affecting the lives on two planets and the Annunaki would like to transfer a substantial part of their population to Africa. Aldebaran and Earth are almost identical. Same size only the dry surface on earth about 45 pro cent and there less than 10. Most of the planning and work in this respect already done including climate change. Not just selling earth resources needed to earn inter Gallic credits which our children would need in the future to barter in the greater community, but also be selling part of our earth to aliens for relocation, including climate change/ adapting like higher temperature, more moister in the air and hydrocarbons like methane in the atmosphere. Pollution of the land, water and air part of this plan and reduce the life expectancy of the human civilization.

Cabal or the deep State & Alien connection. Stranger than science fiction.