The life force!

Life force.

A brief introduction by the start of this story but will try to keep short. The US testing and building an atom bombs near New Mexico. Nuclear explosion are well monitored in space because of the damage they can do to the environment and biologic life. So several more advantaged civilizations did start to send teams to investigate. There where three crashes in a relative short period of time in New Mexico but this story is about Roswell only. Everything vigorously denied by the US government and might briefly go into the why at the end of the story. Just reading will take time and I do not want you to leave before understanding what is a stake for as far as we humans are concerned. The story is stranger than fiction and I do not blame anyone for not believing. Matilda MacElroy was a flight nurse stationed with the air force of the nearby based when the crash did happen and reports came in about casualties and one survivor. She was part of the team assembled and send from the air force base to investigated and assist. There was one Alien survivor which was brought back to the base for interrogation. The decision was made to cover-up the incident for national security reasons. There are several leaked Majesty 12 documents relating to the three mentioned crashes in the public domain. With the presence of aliens on earth since ancient times we do know more about the ones who have been here for thousands of years. From Sumer, the ilat plates from Antarctica, activities in Germany during WW2 and eyewitness report from Dulce USA. What make this interview so exciting is that this person is from a total different civilization, and was able to given us an inside view of the earth from their perspective which differs greatly from what we already did know. According to Airl the name Mathilda gave to the surviving alien, is it not possible to have a proper understanding from the formation and functioning of the universe with taking into account the life force or spirit.

Origin of the universe.

The life force or spirit is not a physical universe entity it has no location in space or time. Exist in an everlasting Now. We call it therefore immortal and immaterial. It is older than our physical universe.It is the source of illusion and energy. Can create space, place particles in space, create energy, and shape particles into various forms, cause the motion of forms, and animate forms. Any form that is animated by an spirit is called life. Before the formation of the physical universe there was a vast period during which universes were not solid, but wholly illusion. You might say that the universe was a universe of magical illusions which were made to appear and vanish at the will of the magician. In every case, the “magician” was one or more spirits. Many of us at earth can still recall vague images from that period. Tales of magic, sorcery and enchantment, fairy tales and mythology speak of such things, although in very crude terms. And, deep down, very deep down every body knows it. Because in essence we all are spirits. The closest concept that we human beings have to describe a spirit is as a god: all-knowing, all-powerful, infinite. You and me, and every other spirit on Earth, have participated in the creation of this physical universe. Essentially spirits or the life force and biology are central to reality, which in turn creates the universe; the universe itself cannot nor does it create life. Each one of us, individually and collectively, in our original, unfettered state of being, is an eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing entity. The creation of space is done by imagining a location. The intervening distance between themselves and the imagined location is what we see or call space. A spirit can perceive the space and objects created by other spirits as well. Because the entire back time track of spirits is immeasurable, nearly infinite in terms of physical universe time. There is no measurable “beginning” or “end” for an spirit. They simply exist in an everlasting now. Originally, the interaction of the by the life force or spirit created illusions or inventions created the very fabric of the physical universe – the microcosm and the macrocosm. Every single particle of the universe has been imagined and brought into existence by an spirit or IS-BE as Airl called them. Everything created from an idea – a thought with no weight or size or location in space. He did point out and did stress that the essence of creation and existence cannot be found through the lens of a microscope or telescope or by any other measurement of the physical universe. One cannot comprehend the perfume of a flower or the pain felt by an abandoned lover with meters and calipers. Everything you will ever know about the creative force and ability of a god can only be found within you – the Immortal Spiritual Being. How can a blind man teach others to see the nearly infinite gradients that comprise the spectrum of light? The notion that one can understand the universe without understanding the nature of an spirit or the life-force involved is as absurd, or equal as conceiving or suggesting that the artist is a speck of paint on his own canvas. That the lace on a ballet shoe is the choreographer’s vision, or the grace of a dancer, or the electric excitement of opening night. An even bigger problem is that the properties of the life force contains things as consciousness, there is awareness, desire all which are poorly understood and immaterial. Even an definition of what is consciousness is problematic. Consciousness is not just an issue for biologists; it’s also a problem for physics. In in modern physics you can find nothing that explains how a group of molecules in a brain are able to creates consciousness. The beauty of a sunset, the taste of a delicious meal, these are all mysteries to science — which can sometimes pin down where in the brain the sensations arise, but not how and why there is any subjective personal experience to begin with. And, what’s worse, nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter. Our understanding of even the most basic phenomenons in life is virtually nil. To sum all up the universe is the product of many spirits working individual or working in union or together but not just one. There are more spiritual entities than that there are grains of sand in the ocean and all different. That understanding the life force is key in understanding the universe and its biology.

Main qualities associated with a spirit or life force

From a historical point of view the life force, spirits or half-gods are close to the old Greek beliefs, and many stories recorded in which these half-gods were tricked by humans.( Also see Greek mythology) No one god but many like in old times. Even during the time and manifestations in Babylon there were many gods or Deities. Spirits can be easily tricked or misled due to weak points, *One of the common denominators of spirits is boredom, which they will try to avoid at almost any cost. Be active meaning virtually, love games, immaging things, dreaming, naive just to name a few. *Sociable, appreciation for Illusion and manifestations created by others and not only their own. If the desired admiration is not forthcoming, the spirit will keep creating the illusion in an attempt to get admiration and one could say that the entire physical universe left is the result of lack in admiration. In humans admirration and appreciation is the most important tool to connect with other and can easily be tested. We call it a complements, or flattery. Complement somebody with his or her achievement or creation, being smart, sympathetic when the situation allows for it. The activity should be real but the show does not have to be that great. After you have done that about 6 times on occasions the other will start to like and some love you just for it.You can not overdue it as long as the basis for the complement is real even if minimal. *Every spirit is basically good. Therefore, a spirit does not enjoy doing things to other spirits which they themselves do not want to experience. For a spirit there is no inherent standard for what is good or bad, right or wrong, ugly or beautiful. These ideas are all based on the personal opinion of each individual spirits. * In order to play can and will diminish their ability (power) if needed to do so resulting in risk taking because they feel and think that any game is better than no game. Willing to endure pain, suffering, stupidity, privation, and all manner of unnecessary and undesirable conditions, just to play a game.  

Entering of the physical universe.

An spirit can decide however or agree that they are located in space or time, and that they, themselves, are an object, or part in any other manner of illusion created by themselves or another or other spirits. Best known as a manifestation or incarnation. There was a discovery made that when a spirit being subjected to a electric high voltage and current it would lose it memory and not able to re-called, could than be reprogrammed and turned into a slave, the erased memory had to be replaced by a fake one, the person or spirit does not know the real origin, where it came from and power or capabilities. also that is was and still is able to create and change the world and universe. Easy to turn them into slaves using a fake memory, history and install hypnotic commands. If you can not remember your previous lives or incarnations that is prove. You should be able to recall not just one or a few but many. Not possible to re-program that many fake lives because it takes time. Application of electroshock does make it looks like all of the existing memories are gone but that is not the case. Just a slit second before erase takes place,  storage takes place, so during reprogramming the spirit part it has to be told to forget, resulting in a part we know as unconsciousness and part subconsciousness. The presence of a substantial unconscious and subconsciousness an indication for electroshock treatments. The unconscious part but even more so the subconscious parts have additional shielding to make sure you will not go there covering it in and with taboos. Not that many would like to go there because it is trauma based, but the perpetrator fear what will happen if you find out. Other crap to distract us and forget use our native abilities by structural control. Structural control exist manly of institutions and organisation shaping and forming daily live. The state, religion, banks, schools, rules/regulations, control and force. (police, military, economic just name it.) Part of there re-programming involves suggestions that there is only one god, creator who did create the universe and which we should obey at all cost. Other suggestion that we are alone, no aliens for example, that God or creator is responsible what happens not we, life is an accident. We are vulnerable, have to fight to survive, our body is everything, only the material world is real just to name a few. All placed there to reduce the Chance that we would remember who we are, were we came from, our native abilities including to create and change the world around us. Remember first the thought, starting the visualization, conscious involvement and possible things as love, desire and than have to start adding the energy to sustain it. Otherwise it will not last long enough to have real meaning. You can think I will make my family a fine dinner and you start what you will select for food, how to prepare and decorate, next the follow-up, by the groceries, prepare and cook, wait for the your family to arrive and serve the food. Many suggest that regular thinking about it will do the job but I am not sure about that. Adding energy does. To finish this article or blog, our world and this part of the universe is a free will zone. Meaning that people not only have choices which they can use or not which is a chose too, but also offered to them through the environment. Unfortunately the prison which is called earth, with almost all structural e erects are placed there to block it, do the opposite, reduce the available choices. Every thing has to be done in a certain way, certain time and if not there are treats, intimidation and is punishment. Limiting choices in violation of this universal construct her. This interference is called tyranny and worse after going through the process to learn as result of being here erase it at the end violating any intend, any law and conducts as foreseen, it is called evil. There are several other races and civilizations on earth of which we are unaware of due to re-programming and in this case the suggestion that we are alone, however the memory erase  process not applicable to these species. Another command installed with the re-programming I should mention is to reincarnate resulting or creating a prison within a prison. Most spirit do not want to do harm to the flesh body, so they are more or less trapped during that period and can go no where. Thank you for your time.