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At the end of 2017, the United States government officially admitted to the existence of UFOs with the release of previously classified footage of two navy pilots scrambling to intercept one (a UFO), and with more footage on the way. The video released showed an object traveling at a high rate of speed, and performing maneuvers that should be impossible based on our known laws of aerodynamics. The Pentagon released two videos of separate objects, and both of them were displaying maneuvers that no known man-made aircraft can perform. That this is something that’s been happening for a long time, and something that happens a lot. This has been made clear by hundreds of other high ranking personnel from within the military, several other fields, and the release of millions of pages of UFO documents from dozens of governments.



  99% of all UFO are man-made and build on earth with an accidental one from a different civilization. Main activities, transport of goods and material, abduction of humans for testing and biological products/extracts breeding programs.   The first recorded development and construction was in Germany. A decision was taken in December 1919 during a meeting between members of Thule_,DHV SS and Vril. For that purpose, they did rent a house located in a wooded area remote and private, locality Ramsay near Berchtesgaden. The Vril member and medium Maria Orsitsch and Sigrun did get technical details of a totally new design of a flying disk. According to the telepathic messages and technically detailed information came from the star system Aldebaran, location within star Taurus 64 light years away.  The detail was such that it would be possible to build a prototype for testing.  After discussing the subject an decision taken to try and build a disk according to the technical data jointly and trying to get funds from industrial companies. Several German companies did donate money which can be found and listed under the code »JFM« within accounting. Clearly to develop the Vril propulsion system which however was formally known as »Schumann SM-Levitator«. dr Schuman is also known for his ability to measure the earth frequencies reasonably accurate. Came to the US under the paperclip project.   A kind of flying car, intended and suited for use by normal people.Would allow them to travel and mix. The first construction started in the summer of 1922. First used as anti-gravity system based on one stationary and two in opposition of each one rotating steel disks. Later a Mercury generator because of its weight and liquid. Easy to spin around with great speed in different chambers and opposite of each other.  The first build and tested disk had one stationary or fixed one with a diameter of 8 meters, on top a disk with a diameter of 6.5 meters and under need a disk with a diameter of 7 meters. The house had the shape of a church bell.  The middle part did end in a cone which went into the cellar and on it a Hebel for stabilization. It was tested for two years in the stationary position. When activated the two disk would spin in opposite direction creating a strong electromagnetic field. In principle is it necessary to create and have enough power in such a device to project a strong field in its immediate surrounding. (electromagnetic field strong enough to isolate itself from all other fields like gravitation, electromagnetism, radiation, and matter. A micro world formed which would including the disk and people present within and is independent of the macro world surrounding it. Abel to travel through water rat great depth, Protective even against even radiation in space.  That makes it possible to move and go about without and completely independent of other forces which you can no longer feel like movement, speeding, change of direction. After two years of testing, taken to the Augsburger Messerschmidt-Werken for storage including through water.   Next step was the invitation from Hitler in 1934 to be present at a demonstration of the new RFZ1 to Viktor Schauberger and the top of Vril and Thule groups. What should have been the birthday of the disk did turn out into a disaster. The disk dit moves up to 80 meter s in the sky, did start to vibrate, shake and became instability, the pilot did manage to get it to the ground and had to run for his life. It was built under the direction of Dr W. Schumann, location the Flugzeugfabrik Arado in Brandenburg. However before the end of the year to be replaced by an improved Vril powered disk and »Magnet-Impulssteuerung«. RFZ2. Characteristic where: Optisch blurring of the edges by the increased speed with the typical UFO colors depending on the power, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, White, Blue or Violet. Did participate in »Luftschlacht um England« genannten Kriegsphase,1941 because of the failure of the standard hunter the ME 109. At the end of 1941 to be seen in the south Atlantic on the route with the Hilfskreuzer Atlantis in Antarctica. Could however not be used as hunter plane because of the impulse steering. Only change direction from 90′,45′ und 22,5′.During the visit of Hitler, it was decided that all groups would work together on the development of new and better disk and possible starships.   The RFZ 2 a relatively small disk was very successful 11,5 meter in diameter, with a »Schumann-Levitator-Antrieb« and a »Magnetfeld-Impulsor-Steuerung«. Speed between 2.900 and 12.000 km/hour. Change in 90-degree direction would not affect the pilot. Weather Independent, and able to fly into space. In total 17 were built in Germany. There were a number of two sits disks with glass top. The Vril society was granted there own test area in Brandenburg  

Interstellar transport using a wormhole.

With all the information of Aldebaran and its people plans were made to send a disk through a wormhole and try to reach Aldebaran. Best place or close to the entrance being near the south pole.   The project discussed on the 2nd of January 1944 between Hitler, Himmler, Künkel (Vril-Gesellschaft) and Dr. Schumann (Vril-Gesellschaft).The project an suggestion to travel using a Licht speed independent channel or dimensions channel which we do know now as a wormhole.The Vril seven chosen for the experiment. According to Reithofers report during the winter of 1944, the first Dimension Kanal-Testflug has undertaken. The wormholes do not reach to the earth surface but start higher up in space. The first attempt did almost end in a disaster, and pictures taken after the entering and return of the wormhole the saucer did showed as if were one hundred years old. The protective Zellenverkleidung changed and at certain spots damaged. Do know not more about other experiments other than that the Medium Maria Orsitsch did inform and ask other members of the Vril to pack and prepare to leave. The war was nearing its end and all did know that it was lost. After the war, there were stories about the medium Maria Orsitsch living on another planet. The Vril group was never mentioned by the allies and a lot of efforts undertaken to describe the UFO and Vril as humbugs. Coordinated and controlled by the Illuminati, the zionistisch-anglo-American lobby, by using control of the new rebuild media and news broadcast organization in Germany now under there control.


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